Hospital Tourism

Rest assured. We didn’t forget about the health of our customers; which is why we decided to provide hospital tourism services through our partnership with one of the best hospitals in turkey 'Guven hospital' to ensure that our customers' health is in good hands.

Hospital Tourism


Know more about what we have to offer.

Here are some of the services offered by our team:
- Invitation letter
- Hotel booking
- Assistance during all of our customers' stay. (transportation is also provided if required).
- We also provide an invoice to make it easy for our customers to know how much they will be spending during their stay and the coverage for hospital expenses.
- We also provide translation services for our customers(no language barrier).

Some of the departments or centers include:
- Check up center
- Hair transplant center
- In vitro fertilization center
- Medical and surgical cosmetology center
- Newborn hearing reference center

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